Most companies and organisations commit a significant amount of their budget to ensuring that staff are appropriately trained to fulfil their primary roles.  However, many employers are also keen to promote security as part of everyone’s job, but rarely back this up with investment in appropriate training.

Do your staff understand what is expected of them from a security point of view?  Do your reception staff know how to deal with a threatening phone call or visitor?  Are your mailroom staff aware of how they should respond to a suspicious package?  Could they recognise one?  Do your security staff know what threats your organisation might face?

It’s great to have staff who share your mindset when it comes down to the security of your business.  But without the appropriate training, they are an untapped resource.

How we can help you

Blue Chevron are able to offer a complete solution to all of your security-related training needs.  We can undertake one-to-one or group training on your premises or off-site, covering a comprehensive range of security subjects – all tailored to meet your own requirements and the culture of your organisation.

Our training maxim is to encourage people to do things because they want to do them, not just because they have to.  All of our training is based on this maxim; we interact with your staff to understand their point of view and make sure that they understand and support what they are being asked to do.

Where highly specialist training is required that we are unable to provide directly from our own resources, such as defensive driver training or counter-surveillance techniques, we have wide-ranging contacts within the security industry, and will always endeavour to facilitate the security training you need, often locally where this can be arranged.