Premises security

The physical security of your premises makes a clear statement to your customers, clients and potential intruders about how committed you are to protecting your business and your workforce.  However, it’s one thing that so many organisations, both large and small, don’t get right and only realise when they find themselves having to deal with a security incident that has exposed the shortcomings of their security measures.  The physical security of many organisations has evolved over many years, often in response to incidents, but is rarely reviewed as a whole.  How reliant is your business on the assets you own?  How vulnerable are those assets?  If they were stolen or damaged, could your business ever recover?  

Are you required to comply with addition stringent security demands by one of your clients, but unsure how they can be met or perhaps negotiated on a cost-effective basis?

Maybe you are looking at occupying new premises, either existing or new-build.  The earlier you start to incorporate physical security requirements into your plans, the more effective and economical their implementation will be.  An adaptable, versatile physical security plan that is developed as an integral part of a new build or refurbishment plan will cost a fraction of the price of securing the premises post-completion.

How we can help you

Blue Chevron can assist you in ensuring that you organisation is physically protected in a manner that recognises your own specific needs and the constraints you have to operate in.  We do not provide “off the shelf” solutions; we will work with you to understand your business and the threats it faces, assess any existing physical security measures you may have, and then highlight any potential issues to you.  We can then suggest alternative and pragmatic ways of mitigating any shortfalls – sometimes even at no cost where a simple change in your working practice may be the best solution.

For larger projects, we can work with your staff or project managers and architects to ensure that your premises are secure by design, and will be able to assist in identifying suitable service and product suppliers based on our own experience.  However, because we are truly independent and not tied to any equipment manufacturer or supplier, the only client whose interests we will ultimately be serving will be you.