Security policies and documentation

It is well established that robust security procedures and policies play a critical part in minimising the likelihood and impact of security incidents, as well as dovetailing with business continuity and recovery plans to ensure that any incident does not escalate to a catastrophe.  However, research frequently shows that many SMBs have no security policies whatsoever.  Often these companies have originated as sole traders or partnerships and have expanded over the years, but the assumption has remained that everyone will simply be aware of what is expected of them from a security point of view – a presumption that is frequently proved wrong with costly consequences.

Larger companies and organisations will often have some form of security policy in place, but in an ever-changing environment keeping these policies workable, meaningful and up-to-date can be a full time job in itself, one that often gets neglected as more high-profile demands take precedence for busy security teams or non-specialist managers with security responsibilities.

Although security policies should never be excessively complex, their development requires a degree of specialist knowledge to ensure that they are effective and take advantage of recognised best practice.  Establishments without security specialists who recognise the need for security policies often develop their own policies in house, only to find that, when put to the test, their policies are ineffective or simply fail.

How we can help you

Blue Chevron can offer the experience, knowledge and resources to ensure that your organisation benefits from effective security policies.  Where policies are already in place, we are able to review these with you to provide an analysis of any shortfall and work with you to address this, either through the re-working of existing policies or the development of new ones.  If you don’t have a security policy in place, we can help you understand the importance of a policy and work with you to develop one. And we don’t provide an off-the-shelf solution.  All of our policy work will be written with the specific needs of your organisation in mind, resulting in a bespoke solution that incorporates established security practice.