Security investigations

When something does go wrong or an incident occurs, your first priority is likely to be assessing the impact on your business and putting right the damage so things can return to normal as quickly as possible.  And then you’ll want to know what happened, so you can take whatever action is necessary to prevent it happening again.

It is usually only the largest of organisations that have the luxury of employing their own in-house investigators, and even they may on occasion wish to bring in external expertise due to either resource constraints or so as to maintain impartiality.  For smaller establishments, the options are either to undertake some form of investigation using staff who have neither the time, training or experience to do so, usually with unsatisfactory or even disastrous results, or to invest in a professional, impartial investigation undertaken by an independent external investigator.

How we can help you

Blue Chevron are able to provide you with an independent investigative service using competent and experienced investigators.  We will operate with complete discretion and work with you to understand the nature of the incident and establish the events leading up to and surrounding it.  We can work either overtly or discretely, and will always be sensitive to your relationships with your staff, customers and clients.  We will ensure you are kept appraised of the progress of our investigation, and once it is complete we will report our findings to you and our opinion as to what led to the incident.  If required, we can then work with you to address any security weaknesses that the investigation may have revealed.

Please note that we provide an investigation service for incidents pertaining to corporate security; we do not provide traditional “private investigator” services though we can facilitate these services where appropriate.