Event and venue security

When you’re organising an off-site event, or a special event on your own premises, you’ve often got enough to manage without the associated security concerns.  You may have robust security measures in place for your normal working environment, but how are you going to deal with additional guests?  Do any of your guests have their own security requirements?  Does the nature of the event place your business or your staff at an increased risk?  And even if you’re running an off-site event where the venue has its own security, who is going to liaise with them before and during the event; and how do you know they’ll be providing the level of security that you want for your staff and guests?

How we can help you

We can work with you to ensure that whatever the nature of your event, its security will not be compromised.  We’ll undertake a full assessment of the event, taking into consideration the nature of the event, the venue and the attendees and provide an agreed plan to secure the event in line with your own requirements.  Blue Chevron will work with your own staff involved in the event as well as other agencies where required, such as venue management and the police, and we can facilitate the contracting of professional, accredited security staff for the event where this is necessary.