Security awareness

Many companies and organisations commit significant money and resources to providing comprehensive security policies documenting every area of the business, but fail to communicate these effectively to their staff.  The fact is, the majority of staff will willingly comply with security requirements as long as they are aware of them and know what is expected of them.  Experience shows that most internal breaches of security policy are not due to malicious activity, but are caused by ignorance.  Nevertheless, the consequences can be equally devastating, the only difference being that with an effective security awareness strategy the incident could probably have been avoided.

How we can help you

Blue Chevron can work with you to assess the existing levels of security awareness within your organisation.  We can then focus on any shortfalls, and address these through a wide range of mediums based on what is best suited to your staff and your organisation.  This might include the production of guides for staff, publicity campaigns, presentations and training, web-based content or even a review of the appropriateness of your security policies themselves.  No-one knows your staff like you, so we'll work to your individual requirements to produce a bespoke security awareness package that gets the message across in the best way possible.